Donate Gifts of Publicly Traded Securities

You already pay enough tax! Make our watersheds the beneficiary of your capital gains!

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A number of our supporters have made a significant gift to conservation by donating shares to The Living City® Foundation.

The federal government has eliminated the capital gains tax on gifts of publicly-traded securities.  If you are able to donate shares, there will never be a better time to do so.

Under the old capital gains regime, donors got back $0.43 on the dollar value of donated shares.  But they had to pay tax on 25% of the growth value of their investment.

So if the shares originally cost $40 each and were worth $100 each when donated, the donor's $43 credit per share would be reduced by $15 ($60 gain x 25%) per share.

With no capital gains tax, the donor could actually make money on the gift relative to the amount originally invested.  Using the above illustration, the original investment is $40 but the donor ends up with a $43 tax credit!

Download Transfer of Shares Form pdf